Gauge: 4mm/OO Scale
Owner: Luke Mills
Dimensions: 16ft x 8ft
Era: Modern
Control: DCC

Pitreavie is a modern day Scottish DCC layout featuring it’s own service management system. This allows features such as audio announcements, passenger display screens and onboard train destination screens to be linked and controlled centrally. The computer software allows the operator to specify a specific train and it’s route. Station audio announcements are then generated in real time based on the train’s movement. Passenger display screens are updated with the same information.

Digital departure screen
Passenger departure board visible to layout viewers displaying real-time passenger movements

Procedural programming language Pascal (released in 1970!) was used to create the software used on the layout.

Pitreavie also features a working level crossing with lights and barriers, digitally interlocked into the signalling system. This prevents the colour light signals from showing a proceed aspect if the barriers are not lowered.

Between the station and depot in the northbound direction there is a bus depot with small maintenance facilities and large outdoor parking area. It is not uncommon to see vehicles from outside the area visiting on their travels.