4mm/OO Scale
Owner – Luke Mills
Dimensions 12′ x 8′
Era – Modern
Control – DCC

Pitreavie is a modern Scottish DCC layout featuring automation of train movements, passenger display screens, audio announcements, signals and points based east of Edinburgh. Some local services that would normally terminate there instead travel the extra stop and use either of the bay platforms (5 and 6).

The integration of display screens, announcements and points is possible using self-created computer software which allows the operator to specify a train and it’s route. Station audio announcements are then generated in real time with the train’s movement & passenger display screens updated with the same information.

Platform 1 is for trains departing towards the south only.

Platform 2 – Trains from either direction, departing in either direction

Platform 3 – Services towards Scotland only

Platform 4 – Services towards Scotland only

Platform 5 – Long bay platform, accommodating two local services extended from Edinburgh or turning back a high speed service.

Platform 6 – Bay platform used by terminating trains extended from Edinburgh

The layout contains a depot with easy access to the station. It contains 8 storage tracks, 2 for high speed trains. The depot approach line can be used to turn back a service towards England.

Between the station and depot, Lothian Buses’ depot with small maintenance facilities and large outdoor parking is featured. From time to time there may be buses from other areas for light refurbishment/MOT.