7mm/OO Scale, 
Contact – Trevor Smith
Dimensions – TBC
Control Method – DCC


When the Blyth and Tyne Model Railway Society moved to Redpath House our membership was around 30 members, with between 15 – 20 active on any one evening. Over subsequent years, we have increased our membership to more than 60.

Our annual exhibition, open days, events such as the Police Open Day and shopping centre displays have been successful in encouraging new members to join. Recruitment of new members doesn’t seem to be an issue and we have more young members than most model railway clubs. What has become an issue is that some people join the club full of enthusiasm, but their interest wains and their membership lapses.

The committee has explored various avenues to retain members – a buddy system, a membership secretary, regular contact and welcome packs. The committee concluded that building a new club layout and encouraging new members to be involved would retain their enthusiasm and interest.

The new layout;

The baseboards were donated by a club member and are not as mobile and easy to dismantle as first envisaged, but do save the club more than £1,000 if new boards were purchased. Each board is 4 foot by 2 foot which means they will fit in our lift.

Through discussion, Bedlington Station was the chosen location.


Givens and Druthers
The concept of Givens and Druthers is an American modelling concept to determine the specification and guide the development of a model railway.

The Givens are the constraints that the model railway must exist within – they can be self-imposed and in the control of the modeller or they can be constraints made by outside factors like space available or access issues.

The Druthers can be described as a wish list, the optional aspects of the layout that can be modified or developed as the layout is developed.

Givens for Belington


Why Bedlington?

The Blyth and Tyne Line had obvious connections with the Blyth and Tyne Railway Society, Bedlington was close enough to make site visits and the Blyth and Tyne line through Bedlington would have seen most of the North East’s iconic trains through East Coast Main line Diversions.

Iconic trains and locomotives could include the Scottish Pullmans, top link Anglo-Scottish passenger trains, car trains, Blue Spot fish vans, Cliffe-Uddingston cement trains, A4s, A3s, A1s, Deltics, Class 45s and Blue DMUs from the opening scenes of the Likely Lads.


Pencil and paper used to create initial plans and then modified, redrawn and reworked a number of times until the build team are satisfied. The plan is a representation, the size of baseboards, allocated space in Redpath House, window location, electricity supply and all round access were issues that needed to be taken into consideration.


Track centre lines to be marked precisely to baseboards from agreed track plan

Cork, to be cut into 15mm strips with one bevel edge to create a ballast shoulder.

Vertical edge to be glued to centre line with PVA glue, weighted and allowed to dry. Second strip to be added in the same way to create a shouldered road bed.



Plain Track


Each baseboards to be self contained so only BUS wires are connected across baseboard joints

All electrical connections to be on rear face of baseboards to avoid having to go underneath baseboards when setting up.

Control box specification


Woodlands Scenics fine medium grey ballast glued in place with diluted PVA